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Muath Centre for Education & Training

On our English Summer Programme, you can spend one or two months improving your English and making friends from all over the world. As well as formal classes you can enjoy our varied social programme.

English Classes

Classes on the Summer Programme cover a wide range of English language skills and will help you to use English more confidently and effectively. Our experienced teachers and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in class guarantee that you learn and have fun at the same time. You will study English in a formal structured setting and will prepare for the GESE examinations suited to your level of English. With this every student can go home with an internationally recognised certificate, a feeling of accomplishment as well as making teachers and parents happy!

Social Programme

You can also take part in the wide range of activities and excursions on our Social Programme. This includes weekly day trips to places of interest like London, Oxford and Bath. We also organise trips to museums and historical houses in Birmingham and evenings out at theatres and cultural programmes.

On the Muath Summer Programme, you will enjoy learning English, make friends and get a taste of living and studying in the UK. Outside the classes, you will use your English skills in everyday life, through film and television, newspapers and books, shopping and entertainment.

For more information please contact: The Education Office on Tel: 0121 753 0297
or Email: