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Sports Facilities

This form is a request to book the sports hall facility based at The Bordelsey Centre, Stratford Road, Camp Hill, Birmingham, B11 1AR.  

It is not a booking.  Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment under one of the payment plans. 

Please note the sports facility is very popular and slots are booked very quickly.  As we no longer take verbal bookings it is the client’s responsibility to book well in advance to ensure they secure their preferred slots.  All booking requests have to be made via an enquiry form. 

10 slots

We cannot book more than 10 sessions in one block booking for short term clients.  Previous 10 slots must have been paid for in full before a new 10 slot booking will be taken. 

10 booked slots will be eligible for 1 free slot. 

Less than 10 slots

These can be booked using the form above. Simply add fewer than 10 dates. However, these will not be eligible for any discounts. 

Payment Plans

You have a few ways to pay:-

You will have to pay for each session in advance. Payment for each slot must be received at the latest 3 days before a session is to take place otherwise the slot will be offered to other clients.    Please also note if you miss payment for one slot all remaining slots will automatically be cancelled and offered to other clients.  It is the client’s responsibility to make payments on time. 

b) You can pay for 1 slot to activate bookings after you receive our quote.  Then when you come for your first session pay for the following week and so forth.  This will ensure you are only paying for one slot each time avoiding undue pressure if you are collecting payments from other players.  Muath Trust will need to have payment for one session in advance at all times.  Latest date for payment is 3 days before the session is to take place. 

c) You can pay for 5 weeks in advance and on the day of the 5th session pay for the remaining 4 slots.  As long as the payment is received 3 days prior to the next session is to take place. 

d) Or you can pay for all 10 slots up front.  This will guarantee all your 10 slots are booked and you will not lose them in case you forget to pay on time.  

Long Term contracts

We can offer long term contracts which can be paid for in advance on a monthly basis.  Please fill in the form and the long term contract section we will be in touch soon with a quote and instructions on how to arrange payment. 

Some clients may be eligible to pay-as-you-go on long term bookings.  Please speak to the Sports Team for further information. 

Method of payment

Cash at reception

Via card at reception or over the telephone

Via bank transfer - please quote your reference when making payment so as we can allocate this to your account. 

SORT CODE – 602042

BIRMINGHAM B15 3AA                  

Cancellation -



Clients will need to give written notice of cancellation 3 days before the session is to take place.  Otherwise they will be charged for this session.

Complaints & Feedback

These can be put in writing in the first instance to-

Internal bookings

Muath Trust staff can also use this form to make a booking.  Please note for teams where each player pays a portion making up the full amount for a slot they will need to elect one person in whose name the booking will be made.  This person will be responsible for collecting payments from the team and paying the Sports Team on time. 

If you have any other queries please feel free to get in touch.  We are here to help.


The Sports Team