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Amanah Arabic & Tahfeeth Schools Complete Academic Year

30 July 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Trust decided to close all Schools in mid-March 2020 with a view to protect the health and wellbeing of children and staff. The lockdown and the worsening crisis meant the chances of resuming normal classes during this academic year were extremely bleak.
The Schools decided to explore all ways to continue to teach children during this challenging time remotely. Staff, students and parents all took up the challenge and managed to ensure that the children completed the year by making all the necessary arrangements. A few highlights:
- Rayan Omar Shayar (15 years) and Maryam Abu Saeeda (12 years) two Tahfeedh School girls completed the Qur'an memorisation during this period.
- A parent commented: 'I would like to offer my suncere thanks and appreciation to the teachers and administrators of the Amanah Arabic School for their hard work and efforts in continuing our children's education during this difficult time'.

Please go to the Gallery to see some of the Children's work on: