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Muath Trust demonstrates Resaonable Progress in Ofsted Monitoring Visit

14 August 2019

Ofsted undertook a monitoring visit of the Adult Education provision at the Trust on 24 -25 July 2019.
The visit was part of a series of monitoring visits to new adult learning providers, and the Inspectors would make progress judgements on three pre-determined themes:
- How much progress have leaders made in designing and delivering relevant adult learning provision that has a clearly defined purpose?
- What progress have leaders and managers made to ensure that learners benefit from high-quality adult education that prepares them well for their intended job role, career aim and/or personal goals?
- How much progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place?
The Trust is pleased to announce that Inspectors found the provision delivered at the Trust had made 'Reasonable Progress' in all the three areas. The full report can be accessed on