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Connect Sparkbrook Ageing Better Launched

04 April 2019

The Connect Sparkbrook Ageing Better programme was launched today at the Bordesely Centre. The 2 year ward-wide project programme led by the Muath Trust, aims to address older people’s isolation in the local communities.
The launch event started with the keynote address by Lord Mayor's Deputy Councillor Shafeeq Shah in which he spoke about the importance of the programme in addressing the growing needs of an ageing population in the city in conjunction with Birmingham City Council.
This was followed by a welcome address by Irshad Baqui, Chief Executive, The Muath Trust where he welcome the guests and spoke about how the Trust along with its East Birmingham Collective is delivering a number of programmes for the benefit of the local community, including the Connect Sparkbrook programme.
This was followed by a speech by Stephen Raybould, Programmes Director Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, on the importance of making connections when he said: "We all need to be active citizens, building supportive communities making it ordinary for people to connect to each other, because it's good, but also because we can change things together."
There were then four brief presentations by the organisations that are delivering the four activities as part of the programme: Narthex Sparkhill, Springfield Project, Ashiana Community Project.
The event which was very well attended concluded with a buffet lunch which was enjoyed by all those who attended.