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Yemeni Arts & Culture Festival concludes

04 December 2017

The Yemeni Arts & Culture Festival concluded with two events last weekend.
The third event of the festival was held on the evening of Friday 1 December 2017 under the theme of 'Traditional Song & Dance'. The event started with Jaafer on Oud, who performed a number of traditional songs. Followed by the Yemeni Musical Entertainment Group, who delivered a number of melodies with the accompaniment of dancers who performed to those popular tunes. It was a most entertaining evening that was enjoyed by the audience.
The fourth and final event of the Festival were performances by children from the Amanah Arabic School on the evening of Sunday 3 December 2017. Children from different classes, dressed an draped in the Yemeni flag, performed a number of Nasheeds which were thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees.
The Festival received positive feedback from all attendees, they requested it become an annual event.