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The Hidden Islamic Heritage of Europe lecture held

30 September 2013

The Muath Trust hosted a public lecture on the Hidden Islamic Heritage of Europe by Dr Stefanos Keris on the evening of Friday 27 September 2013 at the Bordesley Centre.
Dr Keris is a lecturer and teacher who specialises in Ottoman and Islamic heritage in Europe. He has a Masters and Phd in Political Science from Germany and has spoken extensively on his area of specialisation around the world.
During the lecture Dr Keris, started by presenting various live examples of the Islamic heritage that exists in a number of European countries such as Spain and France which is widely known. He then went on to speak about countries such as Italy (especially Sardinia), Cyprus, Malta and Greece where signs of the influence of Islam can be seen. The lecture was made even more interesting by photos and a powerpoint presentation.
The lecture, which was well attended concluded with a question and answer session. It is hoped that Dr Keris may be able to offer a training course on European Islamic Heritage at the Muath in the future.