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Public Lecture: Islam in Victorian Britain at Muath

01 March 2013

Professor Ron Geaves, Professor of the Comparative Study of Religion at Liverpool Hope University delivered a public lecture entitled: ‘Islam in Victorian Britain’ on the 1st March 2013 at the Bordesley Centre.
Prof Geaves started by recollecting his long standing relationship with Birmingham and especially its Yemeni community, with whom he had interacted over the years and learnt about Islam, its history and culture, an experience that has set him on his journey of research and study about Islam and Muslims in Britain. He then went on to speak about the history of Islam and said that it had taken root in Britain well over 150 years ago through its interaction with Muslims as well through some key personalities that existed at the time such as Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam.
The lecture,kept the more than 100 strong attendees enthralled, as Prof Geaves narrated various stories and facts about Quilliam’s life, experiences and struggles that left an indelible mark on society at the time. Prof Geaves felt that the Muslim communities in Britain today should benefit from this history and hoped that it will help them in presenting the message Islam to their society more effectively. The lecture ended with a lively questions and answers session.