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Amanah Day Nursery

The welfare, protection and safety of every child in our care is of paramount importance, and we take our responsibility to safeguard children seriously. We have procedures in place which we ask everyone to respect, to help promote the safety of the children in our care. We believe our staff should be completely attentive during their hours of work to ensure all children in the nursery receive good quality care and education. Mobile phones must not be used during working hours.

Staff, Students, Apprentices and Volunteers
At the beginning of each day staff, students and volunteers are asked to sign their mobile phone in as they sign in for work, this is to confirm they have handed there mobile phone in to the office and is placed in a box in the office. At the end of the day staff have to ensure they sign to say that they have taken their phone. If staff would like to access their phone during their breaks they are able to do so. However, they still need to ensure they sign it in and out, the only place they are able to use their mobile phone is in the main office or outside the nursery and this is to ensure the safety of the children.
All staff, students and volunteers are made aware of this policy during their induction and they sign to say they have understood this policy and will abide by it. All staff are aware of the nursery direct contact number and informed to pass this contact details to family members and next of kin for emergencies.

Outings/ trips
Staff need to use the nursery phone on outings if this is not available then a staff member who is in charge will be given the responsibility of using their phone only for emergencies.
Mobiles should never be used to take photograph of the children at any time. If there is a concern around an adult using a mobile phone then It is the responsibility of all members of staff to be vigilant and report to the Nursery Manager or Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) Concerns will be taken seriously, logged and investigated appropriately (see Whistle blowing policy).

Parents/Carers, Contractors and Visitors
Parents are also made aware of the no mobile phone policy in the setting this is done when they enrol their child/children and also through newsletters and signs on the doors. Parents are made aware that it is the settings safeguarding policy restricts the use of mobile phones when around children.
Visitors are also informed when they enter the setting for them not to use their phones in the main rooms and if they require to use their phone then there are designated areas for this in the main office or outside the setting.

Use of Camera
All photographs of the children will be taken on the nursery camera only. Photos should be only taken to show evidence of an activity or used to record each child‛s progression in link with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). The camera usage is monitored by management and DSL officers to ensure that the pictures are appropriate, in addition, taking into consideration that photos are only taken of children that the parents have given written consent for.
The nursery camera is also used for taking pictures during trips or outside visits. All staff are made aware that if they require the use of the camera then they will have to sign it out when using it in the rooms and sign it back in to ensure that it has been brought back in and stored safely in the lockable cabinet at the end of each day. Under no circumstances should the camera be taken into the staff toilets. In children‛s toilets the camera can only be taken to evidence washing hands, even then there should be another member of staff to witness and to safeguard the children and staff.
All images should be downloaded on the computer which is logged onto with a password to ensure confidentiality. Once the photos are used for children‛s journals or displays they are to be deleted of the computer and camera.

Outside agencies (photographers)
If the nursery books a professional photographer during events, then relevant checks will be done to ensure that they have robust procedures in place to keep data and imagery confidential, as well as all their employees having a valid DBS, to ensure that they are considered a suitable person to work with children.

Nursery performances
During children‛s play all parents/carers are informed that they are not to take photos or video the performance due to child protection and safeguarding procedures.

Failure to adhere to the contents of this policy will lead to disciplinary procedures being followed.
Reviewed on July 2016 by Shehla Shah (Nursery Manager)
Next review on July 2017
Updated August 2019