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Amanah Day Nursery

It is the legal responsibility of Muath Trust to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff, students, learners, service users, volunteers, visitors and that of any other persons who could be affected by the Trust‛s operations. The safety of the children in our care and also the safety of those working in the nursery are of paramount importance. The aim of this policy is to ensure that all reasonably practical steps are taken to ensure the safety and welfare of those in the nursery. The Safety of the children/staff/service users and other professionals:

Children/staff/service users

• The children will be supervised at all times by adults and the children will always be within sight of adults. No staff member, student, volunteer will be left unsupervised at any time with the children, especially during nappy changing time, Students can only change nappies under supervision (refer to safeguarding policy).

• All doors have coded locks or high handles so children cannot open doors. Staff must be aware of closing the door properly as parents and children enter and exit.

• A register of child‛s attendance taken every day of arrival and departure of the children.

• Children will be asked to refrain from running indoors.

• All cooking activities are supervised by adults. The kitchen is out of bounds to children.

• On outings the adult to child ratio is 1 adult to 3 children if the children are aged 2 year and if the children are 3-4 years old then the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children. Children can only attend outings once written permission has been obtained from parents.

• Children who sleep at nursery are checked regular and information is recorded onto sleep documents. Children are also put down to sleep via the regulations of safer sleep guidance..

• Only qualified members of staff can administer medicines to children that have had written consent from parents.

• Staff should not wear heels but flat comfortable shoes. No open toe shoes or flip flops to be worn, also staff are not to wear any jewellery e.g. rings, necklaces or long hooped earring or big nose rings this is to insure that children‛s hair and clothes are not caught.

Safety checks/Equipment/Hazard Substances
Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1998 (COSHH) the Trust recognises it has a duty to ensure that all substances within the organisation are adequately controlled. Wherever possible the use of hazardous substances is avoided.

• All cleaning materials are out of reach of children and in a secure cupboard.

• Regular safety checks and monitoring of equipment are regularly done. Any broken equipment will be discarded.

• Radiators are covered.

• All electrical sockets will be covered.

• All fire exists will be clearly marked and free from obstruction.

• Safety checks indoors and outdoors are done every day before each session and any concerns are brought up with management or health and safety officer.

• A stocked first aid box in office and rooms for first aid emergencies.

• The nursery has a no smoking policy; there are designated areas for this in the outdoor environment which is clearly labelled.

• No hot drinks allowed in any of the rooms where children are present, as well as, fizzy drink (please see healthy eating policy for more details).


• Staff will receive health and safety training to ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge of health and safety and the protocols to follow to ensure that they safeguard themselves and the children from coming to any harm.

Failure to adhere to the contents of this policy will lead to disciplinary procedures being followed.
Reviewed 09/12/14 by Management
Next review date- May 2015 Reviewed 26/05/15 Next review June 2016
Reviewed on July 2016 by Shehla Shah Next review date July 2017
Updated August 2019