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Amanah Day Nursery

The Amanah day nursery aims to promote a high standard of hygiene. We aim to have a clean environment. We also ensure that all reasonably practical steps are taken to ensure the health and welfare of everyone in the nursery. This is achieved in the following ways –


• HEALTH- Temperature Taking. - The normal body temperature range is between 36-37 degrees centigrade. A temperature of more than 38 degrees is abnormal and means that the child has a fever. Staff will observe a child who has a temperature and it will be recorded and parents will be notified.

• Infection- I f a child has conjunctivitis (eye infection) we ask parents to bring them into nursery after they have had 2 days of medication for their eye.

• Diarrhoea and Vomiting- Any child or staff member who has had diarrhoea twice and Vomiting in the nursery will be sent home. Parents will be asked to take their child home and not bring their child back until 48 hours have passed since the last attack.

• Head Lice- If staff notice head lice/eggs on a childs hair, parents will be notified and informed how to treat it, letters will also be issued for information on head lice for all other children.

• Other infections such as chicken pox, measles, Hand foot and mouth disease, impetigo, mumps, ring worms, scabies etc, will result in the parents asked to collect their child and take their child to the doctors, to confirm medical need, then the child will only be allowed in the setting once the symptoms are reduced or cleared to control the risk of infections. The setting will follow the infection control dieses guidelines.

• If there are more than 3 cases then signs will be put on the door, as well as information given to the parents on what signs to look out for.


• Administering Medicine- Antibiotics/penicillin will be administered at home for the first 24 hours of medication. Only prescribed medicines from the doctor including Calpol can be given. All medication can only be given with consent and signed for from the parent, which will be recorded in the medication book, time and date will need to be given as well as the amount to be given. All medication has to have the child‛s full name, date of birth and date on the label. Medication will only be given following the dosage on the prescription.

• Storage of medication: All medicines are kept away from children and returned each evening to the parent if required, however, the medicine will be stored in the medication box or in the fridge depending on how the medicine should be stored. Medication will be given in the presence of another member of staff.

• First Aid Box – is available in all rooms, First aiders to use the equipment as when needed. Items are checked and replaced as and when required.


• Washing of Hands- All staff are aware of keeping standards high of hygiene while working with children. Hand washing before serving or preparing food. Gloves worn and protective aprons when changing nappies. Hands always washed before and after, especially when handling food and changing nappies.

• Food Hygiene- The nursery will observe current legislation regarding food hygiene, registration and training.

• Classroom Environment- Class rooms are cleaned by cleaners at the end of the each day. All areas are swept, vacuumed and mopped. Different mops are coloured coded and used for different areas. All tables are cleaned down after every time they are used before and after. All nappies are disposed of in the nappy bin and at the end of each day they are taken to our outdoor clinical waste nappy bin.

• Kitchen- All work surfaces are cleaned regularly. All cleaning records are kept and recorded to environmental health standards and procedures. Risk assessments and fridge temperatures carried out daily. General mopping and deep cleaning carried out daily. Rubbish disposed of daily.

• Toilets- Cleaned daily on evenings as well as needed throughout the day. Toilet tissues and hand soap always available.

• Resources- all resources are washed and disinfected termly by members of staff, this is also done when there is a virus in the setting to minimise infection.

Reviewed 09/12/14 by management Review Date- May 2015
Reviewed 26/05/15 Next review June 2016
Reviewed July 2016 Shehla Shah next review on July 2017
Updated August 2019