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Friday Prayers start at 1:30pm
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Banqueting and Conference Centre

Floor Ground
Wheelchair Access Yes
Cabaret 90
Boardroom 75
Horseshoe 65
Square N/A
Classroom 50
Theatre 150
Partition Yes
PA system Yes
Wifi Yes
Hearing Loop Yes

In contrast to the historic and grand Haj Hayel Hall the Shawkani Hall is modern and inspirational, setting the toneof your function. A delightful setting for corporate hospitality dining events as well as high class private celebrations. Just like the rest of building we have natural light streaming into each area from high arched windows so you will always feel in touch with the outside.

The option to partition the hall off into three sections, each with its own access, gives you the flexibility to cater for segregated events or those of various sizes.

It is conveniently located close to the kitchen and serving room so as you can meet the needs of your guests and delegates in a discreet and attentive manner.

1.SG1.1 (part of Shawkani Hall)

2.SG1.2 (part of Shawkani Hall)

3.SG1.3 (part of Shawkani Hall)