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Amanah Day Nursery

Our Settings Plan includes being active, eating well and achieving more, which is supported by Startwell and their 7 key messages which promotes healthy eating and physical play.

• At Amanah we encourage all our children and parents and staff to be healthy, through eating healthy and by being active so children are obtaining a good role model.

• We provide access to fresh drinking water and fresh milk throughout the day for the children.

• We ensure that food safety measures are followed and that staff follow guidelines on allergy awareness and dietary needs, especially during cooking activities. Staff will receive relevant training, which includes basic food hygiene and allergy training.

• The food provided will reflect the cultural diversity of the children within our care. No pork will be cooked or used in the nursery and the meat provided will be Halal.

• As part of the induction to the setting, parents will be asked to share information on their child‛s dietary requirements. This information will be used to plan for each child‛s individual dietary provision. Any changes to a child‛s dietary needs will be discussed and records amended accordingly.

• Weekly menus will provide each full-time child with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day whilst they are in our care. (Children are encouraged to eat their 5 a day).

• In the nursery, breakfast, lunch and tea will be provided at specified times, although meals will be kept until a later time if needed. Children will be offered breakfast on arrival in the morning. Children will be allowed to have second helpings.

• We have displays and tables showing how to encourage the healthy life style, so children understand the right choices to make when it comes to eating healthy, also the importance of physical play.

• We offer children balanced nutritious meals and snacks throughout their day and we also offer the children the 180 minutes of physical exercise which is part of startwell guidelines, they need daily to grow and achieve.

• We also have separate planning for the outdoor play, through our physical literacy planning. We choose areas of the children‛s physical development we want to encourage the child‛s development with. These areas are put into the planning and key words are used to help to achieve more with the children.

• You can always find out more about our physical literacy planning and key words by looking at our Physical Literacy information board in the nursery corridor.

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