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Muath Centre for Education & Training

We offer different types of accommodation to suit your needs. We know that effective language learning depends not only on motivated teachers and good classes, but also on the comfort of students’ accommodation. Therefore, all of our accommodation like colleges, university residences, and host-families has been chosen with great care. Your comfort is our priority.

Student Residential Accommodation

In a student residence, you will meet students from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to practise your foreign language skills out of the classroom. We use typical student residences in our centres: boarding schools, university or college student accommodation and youth guest houses. The type of accommodation will be safe, clean and comfortable. All residences have private or shared shower and toilet facilities; some even have their own common room. Public payphones and launderettes are on site or close by. Safe storage for valuables is always available if the rooms are not lockable. You may be asked to share a room with other students. We offer full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) accommodation. The food provided will be typical of the country and will be Halal.

Home stay accommodation

Living in a private home is an exciting experience. You will get to know about everyday life and the culture of your host country and will also have the opportunity to chat with native speakers in their language.
All our home stay hosts respect our strict home stay guidelines and are carefully chosen by us. Distances from private homes to the school vary. Some are close to the school while others can be up to 60 minutes away by public transport (not included). You will have full board (breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner) accommodation.

For more information please contact: The Education Office on Tel: 0121 753 0297
or Email: