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Amanah Day Nursery

'Children usually feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when parents/carers and practitioners work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect'

EYFS- Effective Practice; Parents as Partners.   EYFS_Parents_Guide

At Amanah Nursery we recognise that to make children feel valued and to enhance their learning and development while they are in our care, a positive and effective partnership with parents/carers is essential and we encourage this at all times.

'Successful relationships become partnerships when there is two way communication and parents and practitioners really listen to each other and value each others views and support in achieving the best outcomes for each child'

EYFS- Effective Practice; Parents as Partners.   EYFS_Parents_Guide

At Amanah we strive to provide a safe environment that is welcoming and happy for everyone. We firmly believe that by working together with our parents/carers we can have a long lasting and very beneficial effect on their children's learning and emotional well being.

This policy is used as a guide to all parents, carers, volunteers, staff,visitors and professionals who enter our nursery. We have a legal responsibility to provide a comfortable, safe and happy environment in which all staff and children have their needs and rights met at all times.

Amanah Day Nursery places great value on-

• The physical and emotional well being of its children. Making sure we meet the childs individual needs that lie within the EYFS. We will work, in close partnership with parents /carers to strive to deliver personalised learning, development and care to help all children. and give them the best possible start in life.

• To provide an open and welcoming environment where everyone’s contribution is not only valued and respected but positively encouraged.

• We promote positive attitudes to diversity and difference with in all children. And to help them learn and grow and to develop and value different aspects of their own and other peoples lives.

• To encourage parents /carers to support and participate in day to day activities and workshops that we provide for the children and themselves.

• To provide a safe and secure environment where children will thrive, staff will feel supported and valued and families will feel that their voices, views and opinions will be heard.

To ensure the smooth running of the nursery setting, due regard is given to the following-

• health and safety- Our policies and procedures are displayed and kept in a file in the office where our parents can have access to them at all times. All new staff read the policies as part of their induction and staff and manager will revisit policies at staff meetings.

• Communication-This is the key to avoiding any misunderstandings. We encourage a culture of polite consideration towards one another using acceptable language verbal and non verbal. At no time will aggressive or offensive behaviour or language be accepted from any one whatever the circumstances. Our staff have the rights to ask you to leave the premisses.

• Respect-We are an inclusive setting and we celebrate diversity. Everyone is valued and respected and we aim to promote positive attitudes to diversity and differences within everyone.

• Confidentiality- This is paramount and everyone is expected to comply with our confidentiality policy. Please respect the confidential nature of information gained or behaviour observed in relation to the children and adults in the setting.


The Management will endeavour to-

• Abide by the standards of conduct as set out in this policy.

• To make sure that this policy is available to all parents, carers and visitors to the nursery.

• To ensure that all staff and students and volunteers have a copy of the policy in induction.

• To review this policy at least annually or if required with the involvement and inclusion of the staff team.

The staff/students will endeavour to-

• To abide by the standards set out in this policy.

• To respect individual needs and value the cultural practices and beliefs of the children and their families in our nursery.

• To work with colleagues , management and families to provide an environment that encourages positive role models at all times.

• And to act as a responsible and professional role model at all times.

Parents and Carers will endeavour to-

• Abide by the standards of the conduct as set out in this policy.

Breach of this code of conduct;

Any breach of the code of conduct will be treated promptly and taken very seriously. The management will endeavour to determine the appropriate course of action which may include but is not limited to any of the procedures;

• A first and final meeting or letter being used to inform the relevant person or persons of the outcomes of the investigations and that another breach will not be tolerated.

• A restraining order being sought against the relevant person, which will in effect prevent that person from attending the setting even to drop off or pick their child.

• The suspension and possible permanent withdrawal of a child's place. This action will only be taken if all other avenues have been explored and the management feel that this is the only possible course of action left open to them.

If staff are presented with a difficult or volatile situation and they feel that an individual is at immediate risk of harm, then the police will be contacted and their assistance requested to help deal with the situation.

This policy has taken into consideration the following legislation-

• Child wellbeing and safety

• Childrens services

• Disability Discrimination

• Equal opportunities

• Human rights and equal opportunities

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Work Place Relations.

This policy has been adopted by Amanah Day Nursery, Camp Hill.

Signed by Manager..................................
Review Date..................................

Updated August 2019